Diseases caused due to hormonal imbalance in female


Hormonal imbalance diseases: It is very important for hormones to be in balance to stay healthy. Changes in hormones can cause a variety of health problems. Hormonal changes affect both physically and mentally. Although hormones can be imbalanced in both men and women, this problem is seen more in women. Due to this (hormonal changes) women have to face many types of sexual problems. Due to hormonal changes, symptoms like irregular menstruation, irritability, excessive sleepiness, weight gain, anxiety temper, mood swings are seen in women. Not only this but hormonal changes also cause sexual problems. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, explains the sexual problems faced by women due to hormonal changes-

Disease due to Hormonal Imbalance in Female

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Irregular Periods

Women have to face many problems due to hormonal changes. One of these is irregular periods. By the way, women get their periods within 21 to 35 days. But if it comes earlier or later, then it is kept in the category of irregular periods. This means that there are more or less estrogen and progesterone hormones in the womanā€™s body. Irregular periods can be a symptom of PCOD. The problem of PCOD is seen in adolescent girls due to changes in hormones.

Infertility (Hormonal Imbalance in Female)

Due to hormonal changes, women have to face problems like irregular periods, PCOD. Being surrounded by these problems for a long time indicates infertility. Infertility, in which women find it difficult to conceive. This means that hormonal imbalances can also cause infertility.

Vaginal Dryness

Hormones need to be in balance to keep the vagina safe. When there is a hormonal imbalance, there can be a problem of vaginal dryness. Actually, hormones help the vaginal or vaginal tissues to be comfortable and retain moisture. In such a situation, when there is a decrease in estrogen hormone, then you have to face the problem of vaginal dryness. The lack of estrogen reduces the moisture in the vagina, which leads to dryness.

Decrease in Sexual Desire

The testosterone hormone is the male hormone. But womenā€™s bodies make it. Lack of testosterone hormone in the body of women leads to a decrease in sexual desire. Apart from this, changes in estrogen hormone can also cause a decrease in sexual desire.

Problems After Menopause

Women may have to face many problems even after menopause due to hormonal imbalance. Due to hormonal imbalance, many problems can occur in the state of menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

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How to prevent Hormonal Imbalance

Doctors tell that women should get tested from time to time on the advice of the gynecologist. Also, if you see any symptoms of hormonal changes, a doctorā€™s opinion must be taken. It is very important to keep hormones in balance to stay healthy. It is very normal for hormones to fluctuate. But its change can cause many diseases. Hormone balance tips-

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep hormones in balance. Take a balanced diet for this.
  • Keep weight under control to keep hormones in balance. Avoid obesity.
  • Avoid consumption of junk food, tobacco, smoking, and alcohol.
  • Take a balanced diet. Include salads, milk, whole grains, broccoli, etc. in this.
  • Avoid saturated fat.
  • Do regular exercise and yoga. Do pranayama also.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. For this, definitely drink 8-10 glasses of water.

If you also find symptoms of changes in hormones, consult a doctor immediately. Because later on, it can cause serious diseases.

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