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Agrojiva provides information on agriculture to Indian farmers. Different types of information related to agriculture, such as new farming concepts, improved high yielding varieties, seed production technologies, field crops, horticulture, animal husbandry, soil science, aquaculture, organic farming, plant pathology, hi-tech farming, agribusiness, extension, landscape gardening, and terrace gardening, protected agriculture, etc, may be contributed by scientists, researchers, and progressive farmers, etc.
Authors can contribute articles for popularizing useful and innovative technologies in the field of Agriculture for the benefit of farmers.

How to submit an article?
It will be the sole responsibility of the author that the articles submitted for publication on this site, are original compositions of the author, and its publication in Agrojiva does not violate the copyright of any publisher. Cut paste work from the internet will not be published.

Images used in the article should be original and the author should have the right to publish them. Any content/data taken from the Internet should be duly acknowledged and prior permission from the owner be obtained.
The article should contain a brief introduction and the content size should be a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 7 pages long in 10 point font size.

An article can be sent in Hindi or English language only.
The Name and full address of the authors with the email of the corresponding author should be given at the end of the article if they want.
The article should be created with Title in Hindi and English
Since popular articles are small articles to popularize existing research and technology therefore contribution of more than two authors is not justified. So, We have decided to publish an article with a single or at the most two authors.

Our Agrojiva editorial team will select and evaluate articles for publication. Only those articles, which are, found useful and worth for our targeted visitors, will be published on this site along with the author’s name & address. Selection of article for publication is the sole right of our Agrojiva editorial team. It takes more than one month to publish the article.

Articles in Hindi or English may be sent as an attachment, in Microsoft Word file format only to
No other file format like pdf, PPT will be accepted.

While sending your article to the agricultural service, please also send a letter in the following format, otherwise, your article will not be printed.
Chief Editor Agrojiva
Subject – Undertaking letter to submit an article for publication in Agrojiva.
It is certified that the enclosed article entitled _____________ is my own article and it is certified that I have not copied any part of it from anywhere including the internet. I am sending it for publication on the Agrojiva website only.

Signature of the first author