Common Definitions & Terms used in Poultry


Common Definitions & Terms Used in Poultry


Broiler: It is a bird of about 8 weeks of age of either sex (straight-run chicks) with an average body weight of 1.5 to 2.0 kg with a flexible breast bone cartilage, pliable, and tender meat.

Candling: The process of a visual examination of an intact egg, by holding between the eye and a lighted candle or another source of light to determine the interior quality & stage of embryonic development.

Bill: The beak of a duck.

Brooder: Brooder is metallic or wooden equipment used for artificial brooding of baby chicks by supplying the necessary heat.

Capon: Capon is a Surgically castrated male under 10 months of age.

Clutch: Eggs laying by a hen on consecutive days without break are referred to as “Clutch’.

Cull: Unproductive hen

Culling: Elimination of undesirable bird.

Debeaking / Beak trimming: Removal of a portion of the beak. Desi fowl: Indigenous or native fowl.

Desnooding: Removal of snood in turkeys.

Downtime: Period between culling of one batch and introduction of a new batch of birds in the shed.

Dubbing: It is the process of removal of comb and wattles at day-old age with the help of scissors.

Egg tooth: The Small horny protrusion on the tip of the chick’s beak used to pip the eggshell when hatching. It drops off soon after chicks escape from the egg.

Green Duck: Green duck is a duckling, which is grown rapidly and marketed from 9 to 16 weeks of age.

Hatchery: A building where incubators are kept for hatching purposes. Layer. A mature female fowl kept for egg-laying purpose.

Livability: The Ability of individual birds to live and remain vigorous and productive.

Molting: Molting is the act or process of shedding and renewing feathers.

Pause: Interval between clutches

Photoperiod: It is a Period of illumination by both natural and artificial means.

Pipping: Pipping is the act of pecking the shell and shell membrane by the chick in order to break the shell and hatch out of the shell.

Roaster: A broiler was grown up to the age of 9-11 weeks to a bodyweight of 2.5 to 3.0 kg.

Rock Cornish game / Cornish game hen: It is nothing but a broiler of either sex grown up to 5- 6 weeks of age.

Snood: A small muscular structure hanging from the base of the beak in turkeys is called “Snood”.

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