Indigenous Cattle Breeds of India


Cattle Breeds


Definition: – Itā€™s a branch of agriculture science that discusses the production and care of the domestic animal (cattle breeds, goats, sheep, etc).

Types of animal husbandry:

  • Dairy farming: Itā€™s discussed with the production of milk with help of modern dairy technology. It includes milch animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, etc. After milk processed to the obtained dairy products such as butter, ghee, cheese, cream, etc. It also includes the care and management of cattle.
  • Poultry farming: Itā€™s discussed with raising and breeding of birds for commercial purposes for meat and eggs. such as chicken, gees, pigeons, turkeys.
  • Fish farming: The process of raising fish in the close tank (bio floc) and pound for commercial purposes. It fulfills the demand for fish in the market and provides employment.
  • Bee farming: Bee farming is also known as apiculture. In its beesā€™ colonies are raising by humans in human made hives for commercially fulfill the demand honey, wax and it also beneficial for the pollination in flower. The place where bees are kept is known as Apiary or bee yard.

Cattle Breed

Indigenous Cattle breeds:

Gir Alambadi Deoni
Red sindhiAmritmahalHariana
Sahiwal BargurKankrej
 KangaynamKrishna valley
 Khillari Ongole
 Umblachery  Tharparkar

Milch Indigenous breed:


Gir cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameSurti, Desana, Gujrati, Sorti, Kathiawari
originKathiawari district in Gujrat.
Breeding trackGir hills, forest of kathiawara, Junagarh, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, and amerli district.
ColorVary from shade black & white, red & white.
Body structureForehead is prominent, convex and broadly. Ears are long give leaf appearance, Horne are curve and turning backward give half-moon appearance. Possess long tail (wipe like), body is well proportioned, well developed udder.  
Milk yield1200-1800 kgs per lactation
Age at first calving45-54 months
Average lactation length515-600 days
Cattle Breeds

2. Red sindhi:

Red sindhi cattle
Red Sindhi
Synonyms/ Other NameRed Karachi, Sindhi, Mahi
Breeding trackHaryana, Gujrat, Rajasthan
ColorDark red to dark brown, bull color is dark red, sometime white patches seen on dewlap and forehead.
Body structurePendulous ear. Average height 116cm (bull-134 cm)
Milk yield1700-3400 kg per lactation
Age at first calving39-50 months
Average lactation length296 days
Cattle Breeds

Note: – fat is around 4.5%

3. Sahiwal:

Sahiwal cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameLambi bar, Lola (loose skin), Multani, Teli, Montgomery
originMontgomery district of Pakistan.
Breeding trackPunjab, Haryana
ColorReddish dun or pale red, sometime white patches.
Body structureShort leg, muscular and heavy body, loose skin.
Milk yield1400-2500 kgs per lactation.
Age at first calving37-48 months
Average lactation length300days

Indigenous draught breed:

1. Alambadi:

Alambadi cattle
Synonyms/ Other NamePullikulam
originAlambadi of Dharmapuri district of tamilnadu.
Breeding track 
ColorGrey, dark grey and black, white patches seen on forehead, limb and tail.
Body structureMedium size body, fore head and hump are prominent, muscular body, backward curving Horne, well developed hump, bull body weight-317kg and female-290 kg
Milk yieldNot good milker, rarely use for dairy farming.
Age at first calving 45-54 months
Average lactation length 280-350 days


Amritmahal cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameDoddadana, Jawari Dana, Number Dana
Breeding trackKarnataka
ColorGrey in color
Body structureHead is long and tapers towards muzzle, long  and sweeping horn ,end in Sharpe black point. Average height 50-52 inch,
Milk yieldNot good milker,512 kg per lactation
Age at first calving600days
Average lactation length210-310 days  

2. Bargur

Bargur cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameLingaiys
originTamil Nadu
Breeding trackBargur hill in Bhavani taluk of Erode district of Tamil Nadu.
ColorBrown in color with white patches.
Body structureTapper Horne, body is medium.
Milk yield250-1300 kg per lactation.
Age at first calving 515 to 600 days
Average lactation length7 months.

4. Kangayam

Kangayam cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameKanganad, Kongu
origin Kangayam (Tamilnadu)
Breeding trackDharapuram, Perundurai, Bhavani, Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu.
ColorBy birth red coat, but become grey at the age of 6 months.
Body structureWell developed hump, fore, and hind quartes. Eyes are dark and prominent with black rings around them. Small and pointed ear. The neck is short and thick, broad backward.
Milk yieldPoor milkers. 540 kg per lactation. 3.9% fat content.
Age at first calving13 to 15 months.
Average lactation length10 months (305 days)

5. Umblachery

Umblachery cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameJathi mandu, Mottai mandu, therkathi.
originTamil Nadu
Breeding trackNagapatinam and Thiruvarur districts of Tamil Nadu
ColorRed at birth and then change grey during development. White mark on limb and tail.
Body structureWell-developed hum p, medium size body, height-135- 109 cm.  
Milk yield494 kg per lactation. Fat content 4.9%.
Age at first calving14 moths
Average lactation length8-10 months.


1. Deoni

Deoni cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameDongarpati or Surti, Deccani, Dongari
origintaluks of Basavakalyan, Bidar and Bhalki of Bidar district in Karnataka
Breeding trackKarnataka
Colorfound in three color variations (white body with irregular black spots, clear white with black color at the sides of the face, clear white with black spots on the lower side of the body.
Body structurehead is masculine, alert, broad and slightly convex, thick and medium size Horne, muscular body. Udder is medium size.
Milk yield1000-1200 kg per lactation. Fat content-4.3%
Age at first calving35 months
Average lactation length305 days

2. Hariana

Hariana cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameHariana
Breeding trackRohtak, Hisar, Jind and Gurgaon districts of Haryana
Color white or light grey.
Body structureface is long and narrow with black, bright eyes and black muzzle., ears are small and Sharpe edge and close to the body. Long and slender neck. Male have largest hump. Horns are glossy and smooth and somewhat horizontal, growing longer, curving upwards and inwards in the bullocks.
Milk yield1400-2300 per lactation, milk fat-4.3-5.3%
Age at first calving40 -61 months
Average lactation lengthdays

3. Kankrej

Kankrej cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameWadhiar, Bannai, Vaghiyar, Nagar and Talabda
originKankrej Taluka of Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat.
Breeding trackGujrat
ColorColor varies from silver to gray to iron gray or steel black.
Body structureears are large, pendulous. Hump of bull is well developed,  legs are particularly shapely and well balanced.
Milk yield1738kg per lactation
Age at first calving35- 56 months
Average lactation length257- 350 days

4. Tharparkar

Tharparkar cattle
Synonyms/ Other NameWhite SindhiCutchi andThari.
originSindh district of Pakistan.
Breeding trackSindh, Punjab Haryana, Uttar Pradesh
ColorLight grey color.
Body structureMedium size breed, long tapering face, well developed hump.
Milk yield1800 -2600 per lactation
Age at first calving38-42 months
Average lactation length280-300 days

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