Benefits Of Different Colours Of Vegetables

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Do you know that you can know about their benefits only by looking at the color of vegetables? So know the benefits of green vegetables to yellow, red vegetables of all colors. Vegetables are most beneficial for your health, but if you know what you will benefit from eating which vegetables, then you will eat vegetables according to your need. If there is a high need for protein in oneā€™s body, then someone needs vitamins and certain nutrients, so let us know from nutritionist Akansha Sharma that what color vegetable will benefit from eating.

Benefits of Red Vegetables

red vegetables

Red colored vegetables are also very important. There are many vegetables from tomatoes to carrots whose color is red. Red colored vegetables keep you away from heart disease. Not only this, red colored vegetables also have the power to fight against diseases like cancer. In addition to tomatoes and carrots, watermelon, cayenne, pink grapefruit, apricot, pink guava must be included in your own food. When a tomato is heated, it produces lycopene, which is very beneficial for you.
Red chilies, tomatoes, apples, carrots, strawberries contain about 63 percent vitamin-C along with other vitamins.

Benefits of Green Vegetables

Green vegetables

Everyone is advised to eat green vegetables. Green vegetable has anti-cancer properties. It detoxes your body, in addition, green vegetables contain large amounts of vitamins, organic mineral complexes, carotene, which not only gives you energy but also keeps you healthy. Eating green vegetables in every way from eyes to brain and skin benefits you. Green vegetables contain many phytochemicals such as lutein and indoles which act as antioxidants.

Benefits of Yellow Vegetables

yellow vegetables

Yellow colored vegetables have the power to increase immunity. It is known that most diseases are associated with the digestive system, so if you want to strengthen your body to fight against diseases, then you must include yellow and orange colored vegetables and fruits in your diet. You should definitely eat fruits and vegetables like orange, yellow capsicum, mango, banana, pumpkin, papaya.

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Benefits of Purple and Blue colored Vegetables

purple vegetables

Berries, sugar beets, purple grapes, purple cabbage, brinjals, all vegetables of this color are rich in antioxidants. These vegetables give your body so much power that by eating them you stay young.

Berries have anti-diabetic properties, eggplant contains anti-cancer chlorogenic acid which helps in fighting these diseases. In addition, the phytochemicals present in them enhance your memory and also protect you from many types of cancer.

Apart from controlling the streaks of old age, it gives energy to your body, which makes you feel fresh. So if you eat the vegetable of your choice as per your requirement, then you will be healthy and fit. The color of vegetables also has a great effect on your body, so you should take special care that you can include more and more colors in your day-long food.

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