Breast Cancer ( Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Precautions )

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What are the early symptoms of breast cancer? Talking about the initial symptoms of breast cancer, a lump starts forming around the breast, which causes pain, due to negligence in this, cancer starts spreading to other organs. Cancer can occur in any part of the body when cells become abnormal and out of control. However, it is necessary to get tested for many causes of cancer. You must do a self-examination and test at least twice every year to avoid breast cancer because there are many types and stages of breast cancer which you read the full article to understand. In this article, we will discuss the types of breast cancer, their signs, and prevention measures. For more information on this subject, we spoke to several Doctors.

How many types of breast cancer are there?

Although there are many types of breast cancer, mainly four types of breast cancer are the most common-

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma:- This cancer affects about 80 percent of women, in this type of breast cancer, cancer spreads through the duct wall to the fatty side of the breast, this cancer grows in the milk ducts of the breast.
Ductal carcinoma in situ:- This is the most common breast cancer in which the growth of cells in the duct present in the breast becomes abnormal.
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma:- This breast cancer is also known as ILC. At the same time, breast cancer we also call inflammatory breast cancer spreads rapidly in the body and has the highest risk of life, although the patients of this cancer are less than 1 percent.
A type of breast cancer is called Paget’s, it occurs in the nipple area of ​​the breast, due to which darkening starts around the nipple, this cancer is common in women who have breast disease.
Other breast cancers include medullary carcinoma, lobular carcinoma, mucus carcinoma, tubular carcinoma, etc. Also Read:- Risk Factors of Cancer Expert Explains

Stages of Breast Cancer

Stage 0: In this stage of breast cancer, the starts spreading in the milk duct.
Stage 1: In the first stage, the cancerous tissue starts growing and it spreads to the fatty tissue of the breast.
Stage 2: In the second stage, breast cancer has spread to other organs.
Stage 3: In the third stage, cancer has spread to the lymph nodes under the arms, collar bone and there is difficulty in treatment.
Stage 4: In the fourth stage, cancer has spread to the bone, brain, lungs, liver.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If swelling is seen in the breast, then it can be an early symptom of breast cancer.
If you see a lump in the breast, then it can also be a symptom of cancer, but it is not necessary that every lump is cancerous.
If you have itching in the nipple area, then it can be a sign of breast cancer, do not ignore it.
A change in the size of the breast can also be a sign of breast cancer, if you see abnormal changes in your breast, then get it checked immediately.
The most common symptom of breast cancer is a pain in the breast, although sometimes the pain is detected at a later stage but do not ignore even mild pain.

Causes of Breast Cancer

There can be many reasons for getting breast cancer, the most common of which is genetic, that is, if someone in your family has cancer, then your chances of getting it also increase,
If there is an abnormal growth in your breast cells, then it can lead to breast cancer.
Breast cancer can also occur due to changes in hormones,
If you are overweight or you consume more calories, then you may be at risk of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

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To find out the treatment of breast cancer, you must first confirm it, so you first do a breast exam yourself, this method is done in the early stages.
If you see some changes or understand the symptoms, then you go to the doctor, who will advise you to get a mammogram, in which an X-ray of the breast is done.
After this, there is also an ultrasound of the breast to find out how much cancer has grown, a biopsy test is also done to detect breast cancer.
If breast cancer is confirmed, then doctors treat cancer with the help of chemotherapy, with the help of this therapy the cancer cells shrink and the cells can be stopped from growing for some time. Also Read:- Diseases caused due to hormonal imbalance in female

Precautions of Breast Cancer

A woman having breast cancer may have fatigue, headache, complaints related to teeth, pain all over the body, or problems related to heart, so if a woman has breast cancer, then she should keep these things in mind-

A woman suffering from breast cancer should not smoke and consume alcohol, due to which the treatment will not be able to give its effect properly.
You have to keep your weight under control during breast cancer, it will not hinder your treatment.
Keep in touch with the doctor, take the medicines given in the treatment regularly and keep consulting the doctor.
A woman suffering from breast cancer should avoid eating vegetables like leafy vegetables, chilies, tomatoes, and carrots.
If a woman has breast cancer, she should add low-fat milk, soybeans, fiber-rich food, fruits, and fresh vegetables to her diet.
To avoid breast cancer, you should take a healthy diet, control weight, and keep getting regular clinical checkups so that the symptoms of breast cancer can be treated on time.

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