world cancer day 2022: Risk Factors of Cancer Expert Explains


Cancer is a serious disease. It has become the second-largest cause of total deaths worldwide. In this, a large number of abnormal cells start forming inside the body. These cells continue to grow and spread throughout the person’s body. Because of this, lumps can form in the body. These lumps are a bunch of those non-essential cells, which keep growing continuously. These cells keep on damaging the tissues present in the body. Every year 4 February is celebrated as World Cancer Day with the aim of spreading awareness about cancer. Therefore, on this occasion, we are going to tell you about those people who are at the highest risk of cancer. Let’s know about this in detail from oncologist Dr. …

Cancer Symptoms

There are many types of cancer. By the way, different types of symptoms can also be different. But there are some such symptoms, which are seen in all types of cancer. These include-

  • Tiredness
  • Cough
  • trouble breathing
  • difficulty swallowing
  • lump feeling on the skin
  • weight gain or loss
  • urinary problems
  • change in skin color
  • muscle soreness
  • cancer cells

These people are at the highest risk of cancer-
There are many reasons for getting cancer. Doctors treat cancer only after keeping its cause in mind. But there are certain people who are more likely to get cancer. Also Read:- Diseases caused due to hormonal imbalance in female

Higher risk in old age

Any disease catches very early in old age. In fact, in old age, the body’s immunity weakens. Due to this, the elderly have to face many diseases. One of these is cancer. It takes many years for abnormal cancer cells to grow, which is why the disease is more commonly seen in the elderly. Although cancer can happen to people of all age groups, they get caught by the elderly. For this, it is important that you keep getting your health check-up done from time to time.


Obesity is a global challenge. It is associated with an increased risk of several types of cancer. Overweight and obese people have an increased risk of developing breast and colon cancer. Preventing weight gain reduces the risk of cancer to a lesser extent.

Smoking and alcohol consumption

People who take alcohol or smoke are more vulnerable to cancer. People who consume alcohol can become vulnerable to cancer at any age. That is, such people have a higher risk of getting cancer. Whereas if the elderly take alcohol even in small amounts, then they also have an increased risk of cancer.

Unprotected Sex

Unprotected sex increases the risk of AIDS, hepatitis as well as cancer. To prevent cancer, you have to avoid having unprotected sex.

Family History

Families with a history of cancer have a higher risk of developing cancer. Although this role is not very large, even if there is cancer in the family, then its mutation can be passed in the next generation also.

Chronic Health Problems

People who are frequently ill, or who have chronic health problems, may have an increased risk of cancer. In such a situation, if you are facing any health problem, then take full care of yourself. From time to time, keep getting tested for cancer on the advice of the doctor. Also Read:- Vitamin is Needs At Every Age and what age should you take more vitamins? Click Here

If you see any symptoms of cancer, It can take a serious form, so its timely treatment is essential.



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