Tulsi Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Basil Leaves


Tulsi plant has its own importance in Indian tradition. We worship Tulsi. Tulsi plant is definitely kept in most of the houses. Many medicinal properties are found in it. Let us discuss in detail the importance of the basil plant, the health benefits, and damages.

Benefits of the basil plant

While keeping the basil plant at home has many religious reasons, it is also considered very important from the scientific point of view. It is believed that eating tulsi leaves, along with clearing the blood of the body, also keeps the skin healthy. It is said that in the place where the basil plant is in the house, there are no mosquitoes and small insects.

Health benefits from basil

Tulsi plant

Tulsi has special significance from the religious point of view, as well as from the medical point of view it also has special significance. Tulsi is very helpful in keeping the body healthy and getting rid of diseases.

In the case of malaria, chronic fever and cold fever, and pain of ribs, take the juice of 10 basil leaves mixed with honey and drink it thrice a day.

cold cough

cold cough
Cold cough

In case of cold, take basil leaves juice, ginger juice, and betel juice in equal quantity and mix black pepper powder and honey in it and should be consumed thrice a day. If there is a lot of coughs, then this recipe can be consumed by adding black salt.

Intestinal Worms
According to the age, 5 to 10 leaves of basil should be mixed with jaggery. This kills stomach worms or gets out of the stool.
stomach pain
In the case of stomachache, adding rock salt and drinking a decoction made of basil leaves is beneficial. 10-15 leaves should also be added to the decoction. This decoction is also beneficial in asthma disease.
When there are shingles, remove the basil juice and apply it two or three times a day, it cures ringworm completely.
If someone is vomiting, drinking basil juice mixed with mint and fennel extracts stops vomiting immediately.

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Although Tulsi is good in terms of health, it also has some side effects.

  1. Basil has the ability to dilute the blood. However, it is not harmful. But if you are using medicines to dilute the blood, then eat basil only after consulting the doctor.
  2. Consuming Tulsi has adverse effects on the fertility of men. This leads to a decrease in sperm count and motility.
  3. Basil contains an element called estragole, which can cause a contraction in the uterus. Therefore, avoiding basil consumption during pregnancy should do.
  4. Iron is found in basil. Therefore, eating it by chewing it can cause a stain on your teeth. So instead of chewing, dissolve basil leaves.



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