What to eat to increase immunity? (Top Immunity booster food)

Immunity booster
immunity boosters. Fruits and vegetables for healthy immune system.

(Immunity Booster) : Our immunity is very much related to our food and lifestyle. If you also want to always be healthy and fit and are afraid of coming to you, then you should also eat such things, which will increase your immunity.

Immunity Booster foods

Green Tea:

green tea
Green Tea

It is full of antioxidants and its positive effects on the immune system are known today. Some research suggests that a type of polyphenols present in it eliminates the influenza virus. So drink green tea every day. To take full advantage of this and remove bitterness, add green tea a little before boiling water and do not keep green tea in water for more than 1-2 minutes. If you want to increase its taste, you can drink lemon juice and honey, but do not mix milk, otherwise the proteins will neutralize it with polyphenols.

Vitamin D:

A study was conducted in the US, which found that children who were given vitamin D supplements daily, had a 40% lower chance of getting flu than other children. It is believed that vitamin D helps our immune cells by recognizing the bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. You will get vitamin D from sunlight. Fatty fish like salmon can also get some amount of vitamin D in food.

Chicken Soup:

If it is a cold, runny nose, then the chicken soup is the best treatment. It helps to flush out viruses and bacteria by thinning the phlegm and helps your immune system fight the cold. Add a little green chili to the chicken soup and make it spicy, then there will be a double benefit.

Soluble Fibers:

Citrus fruits, apples, carrots, beans, and oats are rich in soluble fibers. They help the body to fight various types of inflammation.

Barley and oats:

They contain beta-glucan, which is a type of fiber that has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and protects against many diseases and flu. It not only enhances immunity but also helps in healing the wound quickly and also helps to make antibiotics more effective.



It contains an element called allicin, which fights infections and bacteria. People who consume garlic regularly are less likely to get colds and other infections. Not only this, people who eat 6 buds of garlic in a week have a 30% chance of getting colorectal cancer and a 50% chance of stomach cancer.

Black Tea:

A Harvard study found that people who had 5 cups of black tea a day for 2 weeks were found to have 10 times more virus-fighting interferons, or virus inhibitors, in their blood. Actually, the amino acid present in it is responsible for increasing immunity. (Immunity booster)



It is rich in selenium (a type of mineral) and antioxidants. Lack of selenium increases the chances of flu to a great extent. In addition, riboflavin and niacin are also found in them, which keep the immune system healthy.

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It contains a very strong antioxidant ā€“ glutathione, which helps to fight infections by strengthening the immune system.


It is rich in immunity enhancer glutamine. You can also make soup of it and drink it or eat it with vegetables.



Almonds rich in vitamin E also enhance immunity. Vitamin E enhances immunity, along with riboflavin and niacin, which help in recovering from the damage caused by stress.



This is called a superfood. It is full of many nutrients. Helps in the formation of new cells and the repair of DNA. To stay healthy and take full advantage of it, consume it in light or less cooked form.

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Sweet potato:

sweet potato
sweat potato

Rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene, sweetener increases immunity and also protects against cancer.

Antioxidants: Broccoli, green chilies, papaya, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, green leafy vegetables are also rich in antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system and keep you healthy.


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