Black Rice Cultivation, Trade, and Health Benefits (Black Diamond of Farmers).

Black rice

Introduction: – Black rice, full of medicinal properties, this rice is very useful in warding off the biggest diseases. It also has the property of reducing obesity. It is unique rice named Chak Hao ie (black rice).

Origin: Nagaland is the origin of black rice rich in these unique and medicinal properties. It is considered a species of Nagaland. The district will start production in the current season. Cultivation is also done in the same season as normal rice, the cost of seed is ₹ 1800 per kg.
Seed conservation: – After its cultivation, we can preserve the seeds for the next year from this, next year we will not have to take such expensive seeds.

Properties: – The biggest feature of this rice is its color. It holds an important place in food with its special color and special medicinal properties found inside it.
The black in color due to the special type of element anthocyanin found in it. It is high in antioxidants and has an abundance of vitamin E, fiber, and protein.

Benefits of eating black rice

Rice derived from this paddy contains plenty of vitamins B, E, besides calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc etc. Which go into the human body and work as an anti-oxidant. Experts say that this rice is very useful for cancer and diabetes patients. By consuming it, the blood is purified and at the same time by reducing fat it also increases your digestive power.

1) Keeps obesity away

2) Makes the digestive system strong

3) Beneficial in diabetes

4) Helpful in heart related problem

5) Eliminates physical weakness

6) Rich in anti-oxidant properties

Black rice
Black rice

Benefits in diseases: –

Its use is very beneficial in like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, allergies, cancer. It is also beneficial to remove obesity.

This increases the immunity of the body. Special anti-oxidant found in it is beneficial for skin and eyes, then fever is beneficial in the digestive system and intestinal disease. If you have any health problems, take it only after consulting a doctor.

Government Initiative: – Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi suggested large scale production of this rice of Nagaland to revive backward conditions. For this, he himself took initiative with the Department of Agriculture.
To increase the income of farmers, the Directorate of Agriculture Department was alert and after talking to Nagaland Agriculture Department decided to produce it on a large scale after doing special work on its price, production.

Agricultural Science Center Sohna and Agricultural University Pantnagar are working on this together. A total of 4 varieties are currently being worked on. Seeds can currently be contacted at the nearest agricultural school.

The difference in cost and profit: – The production of chalk hao (black paddy) is generally costing 60 thousand per hectare, the average production is 2900 kg of paddy. 65 to 67 percent of black rice is produced.

According to this, about 1885 kg of rice can be obtained from 2900 kg of paddy. The Government of Nagaland has fixed the sale price of 100 kg rice at 182720. Anyway, the price of 1 kg of rice is around ₹ 1800.

Compared to conventional production, we find that there are about 44 quintals of production in one hectare, which will be Rs 75 thousand per kg.

Monitoring for farming: – From nursery to production of chalk hao rice, the agriculture department and experts will always be involved. Compost, pesticide, all this will be done on the advice of experts.

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