Post Menstrual Syndrome (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)


After an age, due to the chemical and hormonal changes in the body of women, they have to face periods or menstruation. Every woman has to face menstruation or periods only till a certain age. Many problems can also occur due to physical conditions and food during periods. Women’s lifestyles and diets also have a profound effect on periods. One of the problems that occur during menstruation or periods is also post menstrual syndrome. The problem of pain, cramps, swelling, etc. during the first week of periods in women is called premenstrual syndrome, but if the same problem persists for a few days after periods, then it is named postmenstrual syndrome. Most people know about Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) but very little is known about Post Menstrual Syndrome. The symptoms of the postmenstrual syndrome in women have increased rapidly in the last few years. Let us know about it in detail.

What is Post Menstrual Syndrome?

Post Menstrual Syndrome
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Postmenstrual syndrome is the problem of cramps, pain, swelling, etc. for a few days after menstruation. Symptoms like headaches also appear due to this problem. The symptoms seen in the problem of Post Menstrual Syndrome are similar to the symptoms seen in Pre Menstrual Syndrome. However, the symptoms seen in this problem are considered more serious. According to doctors, the postmenstrual syndrome is different from premenstrual syndrome and it causes not only pain and cramps but also mental problems. Due to hormonal changes in the body, there can be problems of mood changes, stress, etc. People who already have depression and depression problems are more likely to see its symptoms.

Post Menstrual Syndrome Symptoms

Even after the end of periods, women experience psychological and physical problems when they show symptoms of the postmenstrual syndrome. This can lead to mood swings and problems with anxiety and stress. Postmenstrual syndrome can automatically cause irritability, anger or tears, feeling sad, having trouble sleeping and concentrating. Apart from this, the physical discomfort caused by this syndrome can cause severe pain in the abdomen, joints, back, neck, etc.

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The symptoms seen in the problem of Post Menstrual Syndrome are as follows.

  • Severe pain in the abdomen.
  • Pain in back, neck, and joints.
  • Itching in the vagina.
  • Body cramps.
  • Change in behavior (mood).
  • feeling anxious or irritable.
  • Fatigue and trouble sleeping.
  • Abdominal swelling.
  • severe headache.
  • spots on the skin.
  • Loss of appetite

What Causes Post Menstrual Syndrome?

Due to the hormonal changes in the body of women after menstruation or periods, many types of syndromes have to be faced. Postmenstrual syndrome occurs in most people due to an increase in the hormones estrogen and testosterone in the body. Whereas in the problem of PMS, there is a deficiency of progesterone hormone. However, there is still a lot of research going on around the world to gather more information about the post-menstrual syndrome. Postmenstrual syndrome is more common in people with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), contraceptive implants, or insulin resistance. Apart from this, due to hormonal changes, the anovulatory cycle also increases its symptoms rapidly.

  • Increase in estrogen and testosterone hormones.
  • Insulin Resistance.
  • Eating disorder.
  • Due to oxidative stress.

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Post Menstrual Syndrome Treatment

The problem of the postmenstrual syndrome can be due to physical condition, diet, and health-related conditions. In this problem, eating a healthy diet daily and reducing stress is beneficial. According to experts, there is no exact cure for this problem. To relieve its symptoms, the doctor may recommend some therapy and the use of antidepressants. Apart from this, women for whom this problem is seen to be serious may also be advised for some special checkups. On the basis of the checkup, doctors recommend the use of medicines. Physicians take the help of therapy when there are psychological problems due to postmenstrual syndrome.

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Post Menstrual Syndrome Prevention Tips

Women may experience postmenstrual syndrome due to hormonal changes and physical conditions. To avoid this problem, you should make changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. According to experts, to prevent the problem of a postmenstrual syndrome, you will have to deal with mental problems like stress and anxiety.

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