5 Essential Supplements or Vitamins & Minerals To Build Immunity Against COVID Infection

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Right now, everyone is looking for Corona remedies, in such a situation, we will tell you about 5 supplements that can keep you healthy in a covid epidemic.

Why are supplements necessary for us in the Corona era? In the midst of the corona epidemic, we all want to consume such things or such measures so that our immunity remains strong and we are safe from infection and viruses. It is not possible to keep immunity strong only by diet, so you may need some supplements. These supplements can not protect us from covid but can keep our bodies strong so that we do not have such diseases. Supplements like Vitamin D, C, Zinc not only strengthen your immunity but also protect you from many diseases.

Let’s know the advantages of 5 such supplements.

1.Elderberry Supplement

(To protect against bacteria and viruses in the corona period)
Supplements or Vitamins

Elderberry supplementation is beneficial for immunity. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Elderberry supplements reduce respiratory symptoms that occur in our body due to viral infections or flu. During the flu, doctors recommend taking Elderberry supplements. According to a report, elderberry supplement also helps in fighting the influenza virus.

2.Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient that helps to keep the immunity system strong. Vitamin-D helps fight external pathogens. In some people, lack of vitamin D causes respiratory tract infection and people are having trouble breathing in the new corona strain, so the intake of vitamin D is necessary during the corona period. it is also used in antiviral treatment. The doctor also advises people who have an infection to take Vitamin D.

3.Vitamin C Supplement

 (To keep immunity strong in the corona era)


Vitamin C is the most common supplement used in the Corona era. Consuming Vitamin C helps your body fight infection. Vitamin C supplementation also works to increase your immunity. At this time, many types of diseases are spreading, which can be a necessary supplement to avoid. Vitamin C is a powerful supplement that also reduces stress.

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4.Zinc Supplement

(To protect against the common cold in the corona era)

Zinc supplementation is an essential supplement in the Corona era. With this help, the duration of respiratory tract infection and infection can be reduced. Adults can take 40 mg of zinc supplements. Nowadays the problem of the common cold has increased, to avoid this, you can take zinc supplements. The immunity from zinc is also strong. Zinc supplementation helps in preventing the external pathogen from entering the body.

5.Medicinal Mushroom Supplement

(Protected from lung infection during corona period)

In the past, mushrooms were used to eliminate infections and eliminate diseases. Its supplement is equally beneficial. Medicinal mushroom supplement not only strengthens immunity but also protects the body from bacteria. This supplement is also considered beneficial in asthma and lung infection. Those people who have diabetes, thyroid, or any other disease will be told by the doctor the correct amount of these supplements, according to which you should eat the supplements.

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Note:- Do take vitamins or supplements with the doctor’s advice.



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